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About Us


NeoZenome Therapeutics Inc. is promoted by a group of professionals specializing in the field of OncoGenomics Medicine Research & Practice, Healthcare Practice, Bioinformatics and Data Analytics.

NeoZenome focuses on providing the Patient Cure Management System (PCMS) to individual patients and Clinicians enabling them to make effective and precise clinical decisions -based on tailored –“integrated molecular profiling” data – that matches “patient’s disease biology”.  We identify  actionable insights at the baseline and follow up “on treatment” until patient reaches durable remission. 

Neozenome’s mission is to employ  state-of-the-art integrated multi-omics actionable data analysis tools and platforms to offer its therapeutic decision support services to global clients covering – Physicians/Hospitals, patients, and Drug Manufacturing companies. 


The key promoter, Dr. Shyam Kavuri, is an established research scientist and an emerging entrepreneur in the field of Precision Medicine. He has vast research experience, especially in the Precision Oncology domain. His research has identified a new subset of cancer, “HER2 mutant cancer”. Based on his research, phase II clinical trials were launched in breast and colorectal cancers. Most importantly, the clinical efficacy of HER2 mutations is currently being evaluated in all cancer type studies in a basket trial setting by multiple investigators. He has solid experience in annotating genome-sequencing data, generating preclinical models, and testing the effect of repurposed drugs, and FDA-approved drugs using preclinical models. He has published numerous preclinical and clinical trial publications based on genome sequencing data in major scientific journals.

Strategic Alliance

NeoZenome ‘s proposed strategic alliance with M.D. Anderson shall focus on drug discovery initiative that involves collaborative efforts such as drug research, development, testing, clinical trials and licensing.